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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

top ten beautiful birds, top 10 parrot wallpaper, parrot wallpaper

Beautiful parrot pictures
1) beautiful flying parrot
2) beautiful parrot siting on branch

3) cute bird wallpaper

4) cute bird desktop picture

5) beautiful yellow colour parrot flying picture

6) blue parrot flying desktop wallpaper

7) romantic parrot picture

8) beautiful parrot wallpaper

9) beautiful blue colour parrot picture

10) white parrot wallpaper

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

top 10 tiger, tiger wallpaper, top ten wild animal

Top ten tiger wallpaper. Here some beautiful tiger HD wallpaper
1) white tiger in water

2) beautiful tiger PC wallpaper

3) Bengal tiger picture in water

4) beautiful tiger running

5) most beautiful animal tiger wallpaper

6) wild animal tiger

7) white tiger beautiful wallpaper

8) baby tiger pictures

9) tiger desktop picture

10) white tiger wallpaper

top 10 animal, top ten beautiful animal

Top 10  beautiful animal pictures
1) beautiful animal wallpaper

2) baby turtle picture

3) beautiful baby fox

4) Horn ram apple beautiful animal desktop wallpaper

5) Sloth at cahuita beautiful animal picture

6) beautiful kangroo picture

7) beautiful squrrial wallpaper

8) cute cat picture

9) beautiful animal

10) beautiful animal desktop picture

top 10 horse wallpaper, horse wallpaper

Beautiful horse pictures, white horse, black horse wallpaper are below:-
1) beautiful white horse running

2) beautiful HD white horse wallpaper

3) beautiful black horse running

4) white horse desktop wallpaper

5) black horse desktop wallpaper

6) white horse wallpaper

7) beautiful horses

8) white horse on beach

9) white horse desktop picture

10) white horse picture

Monday, 9 January 2012

top 10 fast browser, top 10 web browser

Top 10 web browser are listed below:-
1) Mozilla Firefox
Developer:- Mozilla coporation
Runs on:- microsoft window, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and more
Written In:- C/C++, CSS, JavaScript, XBL, XUL
Firefox several name changed. its orignal older name is Phoeix. Then its change to Mozilla Firebird. In Febrary 2004 its name become as Mozilla Firefox.
Website Link:-

2) Internet Explore 9
Developer:- Microsoft
Runs on:- Microsft window
Written In:- CSS, JavaScript, SVG, XHTML
Internet explore browser engine known as Chakra. It have new feature, a powerful, faster web brower.
Website Link:-

3) Google Chrome
Developer:- Google Inc.
Runs on:- Microsoft window, Linux, Mac OS X and more
Written In:- C++, Python, JavaScript, Assembly
Google Chrome is a  secure, powerful, fast and stable brower. Google perform faster than other web browers.
Website Link:-

4) Opera
Developer:- Opera software ASA
Runs on:- Microsoft window, Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Android, Symbian, window mobile and more
Written In:- C++
opera is powerful web browser for mobiles. its features are its usability, accessibility, privacy and security and many more.
Website Link:-

5) Safari
Developer:- Apple Inc.
Runs on:- Window XP, Window vista, Linux, Mac OS
Written In:- C++
Steve Jobs develop safari in january 2003. its is faster, secure and supported many oprating system.
Website Link:-

6) Maxthon
Developer:- Maxthon International Limited
Runs on:- Microsoft window, Android and more
Written In:- JavaScript, C++, HTML
Maxthon is winner of Webware 100 award in 2008 and 2009. It is first brower to offer cloud-based services. It based on MyIE.
Website Link:-

7) Netscape Navigator
Developer:- Netscape communication corporation
Runs on:- Microsoft window
Written In:- C++, JavaScript, CSS
Netscape navigator was based on Mosic brower. It was launched in October 1994. its features are ,it faster, secure browser.
Website Link:-

8) Flock
Developer:- Flock Inc.
Runs on:- Windows, FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X
Written In:- C++, XBL, XUL, JavaScript
Flock have media servises including Myspace, Yahoo!, YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, Gmail.

9) Avant
Developer:- Avant Force
Runs on:- Microsoft window
Written In:- JavaScript
Avant have a different feature it runs on USB flash player also without any installtion.
Website Link:-

10) Deepnet Explore
Developer:- Deenet Security
Runs on:- window, Linux, Mac OS X
Written In:- Javascript, HTML
It allow to user mange download, delete cookies, tabbed brower and more features.
Website Link:-